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The Black Hole

Spring/Summer 2019

In the past, the future has always been visualised with speed, metallic materials, and flying cars...etc. Since we’ve already arrived to that conclusion in our present time, I wanted to create this collection as a visualisation of our own coming future, in which I believe to be more similar to the past. People have became tired of speed and more sentimental to the old and the handmade.  Therefore, these outfits are part of a collection that integrates between the past and the future A collection of six ready-to-wear black outfits bringing together old, vintage cuts and easily layered draping of non-synthetic fabrics. Creating a new vision for the future that is more laid back and the past that is sentimental and hand made.  The black colour is used to represent a no labeled, lazy and non judgemental outfits.

Opening of Milan Fashion Week

With Elena Savo

September 2019